Executive Risk Management

Eclat cONSULTING Services


Strong knowledge of regulatory expectations as they pertain to Risk and Compliance allows Eclat is able to quickly ensure each organisational function understands and actively manages their unique risk obligations. Our experience with regulators is extensive, with exposure to prudential jurisdictions that include Australia (APRA), Singapore (MAS), Japan (JSFA) and New Zealand (RBNZ). Our Expertise includes:


  • Governance – Working with Boards, regulators and senior executives to develop and refine individualised operational risk policies, frameworks, and processes that are aligned with your organisations risk appetite.
  • Risk and control assessment (RCSA) – We have provided a wide variety of companies expertise in articulating risk appetites, identifying material risks and associated controls environment assessments.
  • Risk Measurement (KRIs) – We advise companies in the development, data capture and analysis of key risks (and controls) leading to the validation of the RCSA assessments.
  • Reporting – Providing companies powerful insights to specific matters that enable clear decisions to be made regarding the organisation's risk exposure.
  • Incident and loss management– Root cause analysis is an invaluable process to validate the subjective risk and control assessment identification and scoring. We excel in matching incident databases, and loss data to provide meaningful insights to the RCSA process.

Whatever your risk management challenges and opportunities are, Eclat will have a bespoke solution for your organisation.