Executive Risk Management

Andrew K Townsend​

MMgt, MBA, GCertRiskMgt


Andrew has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Risk Management in various consulting and management roles.

With extensive experience in risk specialising in Enterprise, Operational Risk and Compliance within financial services, and Government, Andrew has a deep understanding of a variety of risk environments and practices.

Expertise includes:

  • Risk governance assessments including Prudential Standard implementations and regulatory compliance reviews;
  • Policy and framework reviews from 20 years’ practical experience within retail, business banking, insurance and institutional banking roles;
  • Risk identification and risk culture and conduct reviews;
  • Assessment & measurement of risk through development of risk appetite statements and creation of relevant risk practices from departments, leadership teams and Boards;
  • Control and mitigation strategies via stress testing and event testing capabilities across all risk factors including business continuity planning.
  • Monitoring and reporting of risks to executives and Board via development of meaningful of KRIs.

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