Executive Risk Management


Eclat Consulting is led by an extremely experienced risk management professional, Andrew Townsend. Complementing his 20+ years in the risk management field is an network of partners and resources Eclat can call upon to provide bespoke solutions rather than boiler plate solutions repackaged and resold to you.


We have developed, implemented and managed risk management programs for numerous corporate and public sector organisations in a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, superannuation, manufacturing, small business, retail, government and education.


Eclat Consulting risk-based approach focuses on improving your systems, processes and risk behaviours to achieve long term business value.


The need for an experienced risk professional during times of organisational change is paramount. Eclat has a long history in advising first tier financial institutions in a variety of risk projects and initiatives. Specialising in meeting regulatory deadlines or facilitating change requirements, Eclat Consulting has extensive experience in leading organisations to achieve their Risk objectives.


Elements of Eclat Consulting expertise are highlighted below.