Executive Risk Management

THE Objective

Eclat is constantly evolving and growing in its risk management offerings and provides a wide range of specialised risk management services. Our objective is to provide the best solutions that helps corporate boards and senior executives to deliver their strategy faster with better risk based decisions.


Bringing together a depth of risk strategy and implementation solutions to enhance business outcomes honed over decades of risk management practice and experiences. Eclat understands the risk requirements of all sectors of Australian business from large corporates to small & medium businesses, and local, state and federal government entities.


Clients have access to an extensive range and depth of resources based upon decades of practical business experience.

enterprise risk


Enterprise Risk Governance now sits firmly on the executive and board agenda. Boards and executive management need a deeper understanding of how risk is being managed and how to manage risk to create the optimal rewards for their shareholders.


Ask about:

  • Risk Maturity Assessments
  • CPS 220 Compliance
  • Risk Culture Healthchecks

Risk Processes

& Culture

Risk Processes & Culture continually evolve over time. Our specialist advice and risk reviews help minimise the frequency and the consequence of a potential loss if a risk materialise. We can help you identify your risks and provide practical advice to mitigate and control for eventualities.

Ask about Risk and Control Self Assessment review and implementation.



Well documented and effective systems of internal controls are key for companies that strive to:

(1) achieve its strategic objectives,

(2) provide reliable financial reporting to internal and external stakeholders,

(3) operate its business efficiently and effectively,

(4) comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and

(5) safeguard its assets.



Business Continuity Management is a management process that imbeds a framework for building organisational resilience, with the capacity for an effective response that safeguards the interests of key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activity.

Ask about operational resilience tools and processes.